$1650 Ramadan Tournaments!

بواسطة Ahmed W في 28 مايو 2017

Starting this Wednesday, May 31st, MEGL will proudly host three tournament series to mark the occasion of Ramadan. Each series will consist of 3 Qualifier rounds and a Grand Final. The series will include Call of Duty Infinite Warfare on Sony Playstation 4, Hearthstone and Overwatch on PC.


The winners of Qualifier rounds 1 and 2 will advance to the Grand Finals. Meanwhile, both the winner and runner up from Qualifier 3 will advance.


Call of Duty IW             
Top 3                 
 $600 ($300, $180, $120)
Top 3
 $600 ($300, $180, $120)
Top 3
 $450 ($250, $120, $80)


All tournament days start at 21:30 Arabia Standard Time (AST) and end at 02:00 AST.

How to Sign Up

Signing up is free! Select the tournament you wish to participate in, and have a look at its overview section for more details. You can find the tournaments by clicking here.

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