Rez Infinite VR Review

بواسطة Ahmed Al Omari في 23 فبراير 2017

Sony suggested to me that Rez Infinite was the perfect way to introduce myself to the capabilities of PlayStation VR. I wondered how a game that is over a decade old could possibly be one of the most attractive VR experiences that Sony currently has to offer. They weren’t wrong however. Rez Infinite needs VR, and Sony has delivered one of the most exhilarating VR experiences that will make any VR skeptics appreciate gaming in this form. I didn’t play the original Rez Infinite, but within 10 seconds of firing up a game, I knew exactly what Sony meant. This is a game that also needs you to own a great headset to get the most out of the Rez experience. Sony’s newest Platinum Wireless headset, or a pair of Astros would be a perfect fit.

This is one of the most hypnotic, visually immersive games that I have ever played. The gameplay is extremely retro and straightforward, however the constantly changing world makes playing it incredibly addictive. The premise of the game is simple – survive by shooting down enemies before they shoot you down. There are plenty of boss battles too, and unless you have a strong stomach, you’ll not only be fighting against them, but also against your own motion sickness.

What I found particularly impressive was how the game was able to combine head tracking with the aiming system to make the entire aiming experience very intuitive. You don’t need a training mode to help you learn the ropes – the gameplay is so straightforward that you will instantly know how to play the game. I literally couldn’t feel any sort of head-tracking delay whatsoever. The aiming was smooth and it was able to track all of my movements no matter how fast I was turning my head from side to side. They can very easily create an X-Men game where you play as Cyclops, and use a similar concept.

There are two VR settings: one for novice VR users and one for experienced people. Although I felt that the novice setting was more than enough, the moment I tried the game with dynamic settings, it became immediately apparent how accurate the head tracking system was, as that would be your main aiming mechanism. If anything, Rez Infinite will give you a fantastic neck-muscle workout.

Rez Infinite largely remains the same as its original version in terms of content, apart from Area X which is new. Area X is very much designed for VR, where you can freely fly around in space and experience spectacles of lights and explosions. The entire soundtrack is quite bass heavy, which is exactly what I love. I cannot stress how incredible the game sounds using a PlayStation Platinum Wireless headset, the sound almost becomes equally as important as the visual experience.

If you’re on the fence about PlayStation VR, find someone or a place where you can try it with Rez Infinite. Any reservations about the hardware with regards to its motion sensor capabilities will be alleviated. It’s worth noting that I played the game on a standard PS4 rather than a PS4 Pro, and there weren’t any latency issues whatsoever. Unlike 3D which was a gimmick that fortunately never took off, if this is just a small glimpse of what VR gaming has to offer, the future is looking extremely bright both for VR and PlayStation. It simply doesn’t make sense to own PlayStation VR without Rez Infinite. At the time of writing this review, I have played about 5 PlayStation VR games, and I can safely say that this is the best that the product has to offer.