Kill Frenzy Cup

عرض القوس

اللعبة والمنصة


Epic Games

التاريخ والوقت

الجمعة, ينا 11th 2019

18:00 +03


Single Elimination



1st - $50 per team*

*NOTE: In order for cash prizing to be available a minimum of eight (8) teams must participate in the tournament. Upon completion of the tournament cash prize winners will be contacted via email to arrange payment.

  Tournament Duration

Before entering the tournament, please be aware that this tournament takes a minimum of 4-5 hours to complete, start to finish.

  How To Compete


This tournament is specifically set up for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Game Session Setup

The captain of the hosting team will host a public SQUAD game session. The hosting player will then invite their teammate and their opponents using their epic usernames. Once all players are in the lobby, players should ready up and start matchmaking.

How To Win

The team with the most kills at the end of the game session will be awarded the win. If there is a tie in kills, you will have to play a third game as a tie breaker.

Kill Frenzy

Teams will party up as a SQUAD with your opponents. The teams that have queued up together are NOT ALLOWED to contribute/cause the death of the player(s) they're competing against within that game. Players caught doing so will be disqualified from their match.

Examples of sabotage include but are not limited to:

- Breaking or weakening your opponent's built or non-built (a structure that they were using but did not build, e.g. someone else's structure, trees, buildings etc) structures or cover by any mean. Resulting in your opponent falling, losing cover or taking damage in any way shape or form.
-  Causing your opponents to miss shots or miss opportunities for advancing their scores in any way shape or form.
-  Building in-front of your opponent or boxing them in.
-  Using any type of vehicle to drive into your opponent.
-  Using one of the following against your opponent:  Shockwave Grenade, Boogie Bomb, Impulse Grenade, Port-A-Fort, Chiller or Bouncer.

Examples of NONE sabotage include but are not limited to:

-  Kill stealing is NOT a form of sabotage.
-  Loot stealing is NOT a form of sabotage.
-  Following your opponent is NOT a form of sabotage.

Any claims of this happening must be submitted in video form and show all players usernames involved in the incident. Proof must be submitted either in the match dispute or through a ticket on the website. We will not accept screenshots in this case.


If you have a problem with your match, please click on the 'Contact Support' button found on the Match Fixture page. You can also reach us on the MEGL Discord for general questions and discussion.